About Us

Melvic Towing is one of the best towing service providers in Australia.We are always available, that is 24 hours and 7 days a week. Our skilled pesonnel are well qualified in the usage of towing equipment and thus provides an exceptional customer service. Our professionals always take care of safety chains and follows all the safety procedures in vehicle towing as they are well aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Our service covers all over Melbourne.Melvic towing can tow all different types of vehicles, even if you own a car, SUV, Jet-skies, Boats or motorcycle. We could tow your vehicle at any locatrion within melbourne and our driver could drop off your vehicle to the repairer of your choice. Our vehicles are fully loaded with latest technological equipment which thus provides safe and secure transportation. We provide affordable rates for vehicle towing. The vehicles towed by us are:-

Payment options

For payment we do accept VISA card, credit card and cash. Hurray! we do accept Apple pay and Android pay as well.


For more information, contact our team person who would be able to solve all your problems at Melvic towing.We garauntee 100% customer service and also provide full garauntee of safety and security of our customer vehicles.